Jungbunzlauer Gluconates are multifunctional ingredients for food, personal care, pharmaceutical and technical applications. The product group consists of glucono-delta-lactone (GdL, the neutral inner ester of gluconic acid), sodium gluconate and some special gluconate based products like sodium gluconate EMF, gluconic acid and NAGLUSOL®. Mineral salts of gluconic acid, produced by Jungbunzlauer, are part of the Special Salts product group.

Jungbunzlauer's gluconates products are all characterised by excellent chelating and sequestering abilities and they find applications where these features are very useful e.g. as plasticising and retarding agents in the construction industry, for cleaners, metal treatment etc. The Glucono-delta-Lactone is a food acid with beneficial features like smooth pH development and neutral taste, forming a preferred additive for different foods like bread, mozzarella, seafood, meat, tofu etc.

Product overview

Gluconic Acid

Gluconic acid is a naturally occurring mild organic acid, neither caustic nor corrosive and with an excellent sequestering power. more


Glucono-delta-Lactone, a neutral cyclic ester of gluconic acid, is commonly used as a slow release acidifier. more

Microencapsulated eGdL

Microencapsulated glucono-delta-lactone (eGdL) is based on food grade glucono-delta-lactone. more


Being a blend of sodium gluconate and gluconic acid, the principal property of NAGLUSOL® is its excellent chelating power. more

Sodium Gluconate

Sodium gluconate is the sodium salt of gluconic acid, produced by fermentation of glucose. It offers an outstanding chelating power. more

Sodium Gluconate EMF 1240

Sodium gluconate EMF 1240 is the mother liquor of sodium gluconate and it is used as an appreciated concrete set retarding and plasticising agent. more


The GLUCOSET® product range is a series of products especially designed for the gypsum industry based on gluconates and tartaric acid. more


sub4salt®, Jungbunzlauer's salt replacer, allows sodium reduction in foods without compromising in taste and functionality. more

sub4salt® sea salt

sub4salt® sea salt, Jungbunzlauer's salt replacer with natural sea salt, allows sodium reduction in foods without compromising in taste and functionality. more