Health and safety

Occupational health and safety management and performance (incl. work-related injuries), workplace conditions and improvement

Our approach

Healthy employees are fundamental to a successful company. We aim to create a secure working environment where every employee can work safely and nobody has to suffer any health impairment. Our employees are the foundation of our operations. They have a great impact on our ability to produce our ingredients and supply them to our customers. They therefore strengthen our ability to compete in the global market and our performance for the benefit of our customers. This is why we continuously strive to improve occupational health and safety conditions for all our workers and employees.

For us, it goes without saying that we should offer our employees the highest health and safety standards in their work environment. Our employees are employed in compliance with the health and safety laws applicable in the countries in which we operate. Our general health and safety conditions and further legal and ethical commitments are incorporated into our “Corporate Social Responsibility Policy”. For more information on our “Corporate Social Responsibility Policy”, please refer to chapter 3.1. in the report. 

Jungbunzlauer’s Management Committee has issued a “Health, Safety, Environmental and Sustainability Policy”, which aims at reducing health and safety risks for our employees to the absolute minimum. This policy is reviewed and updated at least every five years, and compliance with policy guidelines is monitored continuously. Risk analyses are performed and plants, processes and projects are regularly assessed by the responsible persons at the production plants. The risk analyses are generally conducted based on our ISO certifications.

Health and safety topics are covered by national legislation in all our four manufacturing sites. In exceptional cases additional health and safety topics could be part of agreements with trade unions.

Did you know?

In 2022, a new online training on basic knowledge for work permits has been implemented in our site in Pernhofen, Austria.

Our ambition

For us, it goes without saying that we should offer our employees the highest standards in terms of health and safety in their work environment. Jungbunzlauer provides a safe, healthy and hygienic working environment. 

“Safety first” is a fundamental maxim that must be observed by each employee. Our ambition is to have zero accidents within our company, which means that we are committed to continuously implementing additional safety measures and taking corrective actions to prevent accidents at our plants. We also conduct internal safety audits, raise awareness and provide education on occupational health and safety.

Responsible Care®

A global initiative for continuous improvement

A second initiative we adhere to is the Responsible Care® programme. This
internationally recognised programme focuses on environmental and health and safety measures. We compile an annual report which provides information on safe chemical management, facility response plans, alert plans and behaviour, and contacts in the event of an incident. This is also a strong basis for effective improvement of health and safety measures.

Safety measures

Examples of safety measures implemented in 2022 in our production sites

  • Identification of tripping risk and improvement, installation of stairways and handrails
  • Installation of additional safety equipment, e.g. heat sensors, emergency tops or mirrors, lighting
  • Installation of additional fire extinguishers
  • Installation of safety barriers between a packaging area and a warehouse to reduce the risk of collision between pedestrians and forklifts
  • Improvement of working conditions, e.g. new torqueing tools for mainte- nance personnel to eliminate the risk of shock and pain in small spaces
  • Installation of a protective screen to protect filling station operators against chemical splashes in the event of a problem during filling
  • Installation of surface protection for equipment, e.g. against hot surfaces or mechanical risk
  • New fire engine for our fire brigade at the production site in Ladenburg
  • Update and standardisation of safety display/information

Key measures and evaluation


LTIFR = Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (number of injuries per million hours worked)

Targets 2022

  • LTIFR below 3

Progress and achievements 2022

  • LTIFR of 4.4

Safety audits

Targets 2022

  • Monthly safety walks and audits

Progress and achievements 2022

  • Internal inspections performed and actions taken where necessary

OHS management system

OHS = Occupational health and safety

Targets 2022

  • Safety training for each relevant employee
  • Training for all external workers

Progress and achievements 2022

  • Safety trainings done and reported for each employee who participated, where necessary

Kaizen approach

Targets 2022

  • Monthly walk through facilities, continuous improvement in all areas a certain minimum rating
    is required)

Progress and achievements 2022

  • Progress towards goals
  • Targets set individually by each production plant


Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) per million hours worked


In order to achieve our goal of zero accidents, additional safety measures will be taken. Safety inspections will be continued and corrective and preventive measures implemented at all production sites.