Citric Acid DC

CAS Registry Number:

77-92-9 and 9050-36-6

Chemical Formula:

C6H8O7 and Cn(H2O)n


E 330


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More information about Citric Acid DC:

General information

Citric acid DC is a direct compressible citric acid. A thin layer of maltodextrin on the surface of the particles provides unique functionality. The use of citric acid DC results in time and energy savings during the pre-processing or granulation steps prior to the tableting process. Citric acid DC provides higher tablet hardness at lower pressing force compared to regular citric acid and thus less friability of the pressed tablets at the same time.


Citric acid DC is a white free-flowing granulated powder. Specification is available on request.

Citric Acid DC is supplied in 20 kg multilayer paper bags or in 1000 kg big bags.


  • Direct compressible
  • Speeding up tableting process
  • Enhancing tablet hardness
  • Hydrosoluble coating



Functional Acids
Citric acid with added value
Product Range
Bio-based ingredients

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