Our perspective

We are aware of our obligation to be a responsible employer and a fair business partner and to provide safe products. Compliance with laws, regulations and our own standards is central to our business conduct, as well as to our long-term sustainability as a Group. As one of the world’s leading companies within our industry, we have a responsibility to set high standards regarding business ethics. Jungbunzlauer does business globally and that means our business and our employees are subject to the laws and regulations of multiple jurisdictions.

Since Jungbunzlauer produces its ingredients in four countries and delivers the products to customers worldwide, we have a significant impact on the environment, on people and on the global economy. Three of our four production sites are located in Europe, which is also our biggest market and the region where we have the most impact.

Product quality and safety are therefore of considerable importance to us and our stakeholders. These aspects are covered by our material topic of product responsibility.

In 2022, during our updated double materiality analysis, data security and cyber risk was added to our list of material topics. Digitisation of processes in all areas within the company means that the risk of a data breach or a cyberattack is a crucial emerging topic. This requires the implementation of different security programmes and processes. The protection of data and IT systems is crucial to remaining operational and safeguarding our business.

We want to be the preferred and most reliable partner in all aspects of business, i.e. the topics corporate behaviour (see chapter 3.1 in our report), resources and materials (see chapter 3.2 in our report), product responsibility (see chapter 3.3 in our report), as well as data security and cyber risk (see chapter 3.4 in our report) have a high priority.

These elements all have a direct influence on the success and reliability of our business and on our reputation.

Our sustainability targets and goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are part of a global action plan initiated by the UN to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Jungbunzlauer supports the SDGs and we contribute to several of them through our sustainability approach.