Education and training

Employee development and participation, communication and collaboration are key focus areas in social sustainability. We constantly invest in these topics to become an even better place to work.

Our approach

Having engaged, competent and well-trained employees at all levels within the organisation is essential for the company’s ability to operate and develop. Education and training play a major role in the development of each employee and therefore of the whole organisation. 

We strive to engage the most qualified individuals for each job within the company. Employees undergo specific training on their job tasks. 

Apprenticeships are available in different professions in our production plants – e.g. as production operators, in maintenance, in laboratories or in accounting. Most apprentices stay with the company after completing their apprenticeships. In addition, internships are offered at Jungbunzlauer in different various divisions, such as the Application and Technology Centre or in Production. Offering apprenticeships and internships allows Jungbunzlauer to have a positive impact on the educational level of society and offer opportunities for (young) people to develop themselves.

By fostering an inclusive culture, we strive to take advantage of diversity and broaden our perspectives, create new ideas and achieve better outcomes and innovative results. We believe that a diverse workforce with equal opportunities will make a contribution to society and improve the motivation and lives of our employees, suppliers and customers, and thus strengthen Jungbunzlauer’s success as well.

In 2021, Jungbunzlauer implemented a new “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy” to promote more in-depth awareness within the company. The policy is available to all employees on our intranet. A new Chief Human Resources Officer role will be created in 2023 in order to strengthen our group-wide Human Resources structure.

Did you know?

From 2023 onwards, a new HSE training platform will be launched for all employees at our production site in Ladenburg, Germany. Training plans have been set with the team leaders, and face-to-face training can be documented in the system.

Our ambition

Overall, it is our goal to continue growing Jungbunzlauer by investing, innovating and maintaining a fair and open working environment in which all employees can develop to their full potential.

We are also striving to generate increased awareness of diversity and gender equality issues. We aim to positively influence the working environment in these areas.

Key measures and evaluation

Spirit survey

Targets 2022

Prepare and conduct employee survey in 2022

Progress and achievements 2022

Employee survey conducted, 66% of employees participated. Key topics to be worked on include implementation of internal guidelines

Annual appraisal

Targets 2022

Annual appraisal for all employees, achieve individual objectives

Progress and achievements 2022

Appraisal meetings with supervisor have successfully been conducted for all employees

Percentage of Women and Men

in % of total employees


As the company faces both internal and external challenges, being both agile and aligned are key to our success. The business environment in which we work is continuously changing and affects the way we do business, find opportunities and engage to act as one company. It is our aspiration to drive an increase in the number of women employed, especially in management, by fostering talent and offering opportunities for growth. A stronger focus will be placed on education and training, as this is essential if we are to have engaged, competent, well-trained employees within the company. It is our aim to have the most qualified individual available in each job.