Human Resources

Personnel announcements.

Human Resources

I am happy to announce that Amy Byrick and Lauren Kjeldsen have joined our Board of Directors. Amy Byrick and Lauren Kjeldsen hold senior executive…

Human Resources

We are pleased to announce that as of 17 April 2023 Sarah Egan will be leading the Human Resources function as "Chief Human Resources Officer". In…

Human Resources

In order to support future growth opportunities Jungbunzlauer creates the new function of "Corporate Development".

We are pleased to announce that as…

Human Resources

Tom Knutzen, Jungbunzlauer Group CEO, has made the decision to retire from his operational role and will therefore step down as CEO by 30 April 2022.…

Human Resources

To further strengthen the breadth of competences at the board we are pleased to announce that Lars Rebien Sørensen has joined the board of directors…


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