Microencapsulated Glucono-delta-Lactone

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General information

Microencapsulated glucono-delta-lactone (eGdL) is based on food grade glucono-delta-lactone F2500 encapsulated by fully hydrogenated vegetable oil based on sunflower oil.

The product is a white free flowing powder. When added to aqueous media the encapsulation will protect the GdL against immediate dissolution to gluconic acid. Over time the GdL is slowly released in presence of a food matrix, will be transformed into gluconic acid, and will reduce the pH. Therefore, it will act as slow acting form of glucono-delta-lactone.

The microencapsulated GdL S280H, S280T and S290T were developed for use as leavening acid in bakery products with a higher stability during storage and slower rate of reaction versus the standard glucono-delta-lactone. 


Microencapsulated glucono-delta-lactone consists of food grade glucono-delta-lactone and hydrogenated vegetable oil (sunflower oil). For different needs depending on the exact application, Jungbunzlauer offers three grades of eGdL, which differ in their coating process and percentage:

  • eGdL S280 H: 80% GdL, 20% hydrogenated sunflower oil, less compact coating
  • eGdL S280 T: 80% GdL, 20% hydrogenated sunflower oil, more compact coating
  • eGdL S290 T: 90% GdL, 10% hydrogenated sunflower oil, more compact coating

Glucono-delta-lactone: Jungbunzlauer glucono-delta-lactone food grade complies with the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) and of Commission Regulation (EU) No 231 / 2012.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil (CAS-No 68002-71-1): food grade
Kosher-Pareve - Orthodox Union (Circle U) Kosher Pareve Certified.

All eGdL types are supplied in 20 kg cardboxes with PE inliner. Storage is recommended between 10 and 30 °C.


    • White to off white free flowing powder
    • Odourless
    • Non-toxic

    Main functions

    • Baking powder leavening acid
    • Rate of reaction is depending on microencapsulation type: the H coating is less dense as compared to the T type, while the amount/thickness of the coating has an additional influence. Therefore, the S280H reacts similarly to the S290T, but faster than the S280T.
    • Each grade can be combined with potassium bicarbonate to build a sodium free baking powder



    • Functions:
      • Confectionery
      • Meat Alternatives


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