Research and development

Commitment to innovation through research and development

Jungbunzlauer’s investments in research and development over the years guarantee to support our customer’s success and meet their needs. Based on the both larger and broader manufacturing platform, the priority is to continue the development track using innovative technology and the extensive know-how within the company. We also seek outside knowledge.


The company’s history has shown that collaboration with external research partners can lead to a fruitful exchange of competences. The insight gained leads to important know-how for the manufacturing of Jungbunzlauer ingredients.

Our research and development activities are focused on

  • process development using ultra filtration more extensively in the downstream purification processes which will reduce the consumption of filter aids, thereby reducing costs and waste streams
  • yield improvement in both the fermentation and purification steps of citric acid production using innovative process steps

The results achieved and implemented in production stemming from the research and development activities are very satisfactory. The pipeline of ideas and on-going projects also gives strong reason to believe that the competitiveness and sustainability profile of the company can be advanced even further. Focus on process optimisation is therefore a strategic lever to create further profitable growth and secure a competitive advantage over competition.


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