Customer Support

From technical consultancy to innovation scouting and pioneering

Our research teams, consisting of technical service managers as well as application technology scientists, are constantly investigating new application areas for our products.

Technical Service

Day by day, Jungbunzlauer’s technical service gives our customers the individual support they need to resolve their technical challenges. A team of experienced food scientists, food technologists and chemists is continuously observing worldwide markets in order to identify new trends and to apply the latest scientific achievements in the development or improvement of products. By combining up-to-date technical information with decades of experience, the technical service provides our customers with tailor-made solutions for their requirements.

Being part of the product management at Jungbunzlauer, our technical service is in constant exchange with sales forces, production plants, and Jungbunzlauer’s application technology centre in order to guarantee the straightforward support our customers rely on.

Jungbunzlauer’s Technical Service offers:

  • Technical consultancy for all our products
  • Application research for continual optimisation
  • High competence in regulatory affairs
  • Individual solutions tailor-made for the requirements of our customers
  • Reliable and competent handling of quality-related inquiries
  • Strong exchange with international food and non-food industry organisations, research institutes  and universities

Application Technology

The application technology centre (AppliTech) provides professional service and experience-based consulting regarding the applications of Jungbunzlauer products to internal and external clients. Our innovative system solutions cover all relevant market segments and fields of application within food and non-food industries.

The AppliTech team consisting of food technologists, nutritionists, chemical engineers and chemists are offering competitive advantages to our client industries. By doing so, our experts are in continuous exchange with Jungbunzlauer’s product management, business development and sales forces.

The AppliTech’s activities comprise:

  • Application research
  • Development of tailor-made application-specific concepts and recipes
  • Application-technical and sensory screening
  • Innovation scouting and pioneering
  • Project management, if required in close cooperation with external partners


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