Citrate esters and functional acids

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CITROFOL® is Jungbunzlauer’s globally well-known brand for citrate esters. Jungbunzlauer is one of the largest producers of citrate esters. CITROFOL® esters are an excellent replacement for a wide range of synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients in diverse applications, especially in sensitive applications like medical devices, toys or (natural) cosmetics. "Functional Acids" are products with specially designed properties; improved compressibility or decreased reactivity with other ingredients in dry blends are examples for superior solutions for our customers.

CITROFOL® Citrate Esters


CITROFOL® AI (triethyl citrate) is a bio-based ingredient, widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food applications, but also as plasticiser in materials with food contact.


CITROFOL® AII (triethyl O-acetylcitrate) is a non-toxic plasticiser especially desirable in products serving the medical, pharmaceutical and food contact market.


CITROFOL® BI is an efficient primary plasticiser mainly used in industrial applications which shows superior efficacy compared to phthalates. For esterification of CITROFOL® BI eco we use butanol from renewable resources - this increases the bio-based share to 100%.


CITROFOL® BII is a versatile citric acid ester which has not only been applied in industrial uses, but also in healthcare and personal care products. CITROFOL® BII eco is esterified with butanol from renewable resources and increases the bio-based share to 90%.

Functional Acids

Citric Acid DC

Citric acid DC is a direct compressible citric acid with a thin layer of maltodextrin on the surface. Citric acid DC provides higher tablet hardness at lower pressing force.

Citric Acid S40

Citric acid S40 is a very fine powder, blended with a slight amount of anti-caking agent silicon dioxide (SiO2), which displays a high ability to absorb spurs of humidity.


CITROCOAT® N is a citric acid with a monosodium citrate coating. Compared to regular citric acid, CITROCOAT® N is less hygroscopic and less reactive with other ingredients in crystalline form.


CITROCOAT® EP is an agglomerated effervescent compound, bringing citric acid and sodium bicarbonate together in the right composition to create a highly reactive but storage-stable effervescent powder.

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