Our vision – “From nature to ingredients®” – is what Jungbunzlauer stands for

We strive to be the most reliable and sustainable manufacturer of bio-based ingredients based on our core values: commitment, teamwork, excellence and responsibility.

Values are embedded in the culture of any organisation and they develop over time. Our values have been an essential element in building and growing our company, and defining where we come from, what we are and how we want to behave. They are also vital to how we position ourselves in the future. Embedded in our values is the fundamental expectation of ethical behaviour, integrity and credibility.

Our values are defined in our corporate strategy, which is based on our “Code of Business Conduct”. This Code is published on our intranet. Commitment to our values exists throughout the whole Group. For us, ethical behaviour means a commitment to responsible business conduct, including the commitment to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, the international Labour Organization’s (ILO) Fundamental Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Our commitment to human rights – in particular, compliance with the ILO conventions on child labour and the UN  Convention on the Rights of the Child – is described in our “Corporate Social Responsibility Policy”.

This approach means that we expect our employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We therefore expect that, while at work, all employees refrain from agitating for any particular belief (e.g. culture, religion or political views) within the company. We have specified this in the Jungbunzlauer “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy”, which was implemented in 2021. Our core values form an integral part of the introductory training, as well as the annual appraisal process.

We believe that a diverse workforce with equal opportunities will make a contribution to society and will improve the motivation and lives of our employees, suppliers and customers and thus also increase our success as a company.

For more information on our “Code of Business Conduct” or our “Corporate Social Responsibility Policy”, see chapter 3.1 in our report. 

Communicating our performance

The aim of the fourth Jungbunzlauer Sustainability Report is to inform our employees, customers, suppliers and other interested stakeholders about our sustainability strategy and the progress made over the last year. 

Through our interactions with stakeholders, we know that sustainability-related topics are of growing importance, especially topics relating to the environment and supplier compliance with social sustainability standards. For this reason, we publish a yearly update on our efforts in sustainability management. The current report covers the reporting period from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022, which is the same as for financial reporting. This report was published on 6 July 2023.

The GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is one of the most recognised organisations that defines standards on sustainability reporting for companies and governments worldwide. It supports companies in communicating their impacts on the environment and on their social and economic surroundings. The GRI content index can be found in the report.

Sustainability Report 2022

At Jungbunzlauer, we continuously invest in developing the organisation and our people in order to grow and strengthen our market position – and ensure that the company is a great place to work.

In the last ten years, we have invested over CHF 1 bn in our four manufacturing sites (e.g. in energy efficiency, infrastructure improvements, capacity expansion, health and safety, and research and development). In the coming five years, we will invest more than CHF 500 m in our four manufacturing plants. Annual sales are in excess of CHF 1 bn. Our balance sheet is strong: non-current assets are fully financed with equity, and the solidity ratio is above industry standards. The indebtedness is low, both in terms of ratios to equity and free cash flow.

Facts and figures

At Jungbunzlauer we continuously invest in developing the organisation and our people in order to grow and strengthen our market position – and to ensure that it is a great place to work. Here are the latest facts and figures regarding sales, employees, investments, corporate carbon footprint, etc. at a glance:


the annual sales exceeds


planned in the next five years

Corporate Carbon Footprint

reduced between 2020-2022
(absolute scope 1 and 2 emissions)

Completion Rate

in compliance trainings group-wide

Corporate Waste Intensity

reduced between 2021-2022
(mt waste to landfill per mt of final product)