Our ambition

At Jungbunzlauer, we use state-of-the-art technologies and process improvements in order to manufacture cost effective and safe products that are of the highest quality, while at the same time reducing our ecological footprint. Our products meet the requirements of all market relevant regulations. In order to meet these standards and to continuously improve product quality we never cease to invest in our manufacturing processes, in research and development.

Product Quality

The quality of our products has a profound impact on the quality of our customers’ end products. This is why we subscribe to the zero defects principle – which applies not only to our products, but also to packaging, documents and logistics. We always welcome customer audits; our business partners can easily verify the high standards adhered to in our manufacturing processes.

Jungbunzlauer’s comprehensive quality commitment means that it fulfills the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards. The company’s plants have therefore also been certified according to the ISO 9001 criteria. Furthermore, all Jungbunzlauer production sites have completed their Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000. This ISO-based certification scheme is internationally accepted and is one of the food safety management system schemes recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The Ladenburg plant in Germany is dedicated to the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and complies for these products with the ICH Q7 Good Manufacturing Practise for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. This plant is GMP-inspected by the Regierungspräsidium Tübingen, Germany and also by the US FDA.

Quality goes beyond manufacturing; strict regulations in packaging and logistics ensure delivery on schedule without loss of quality. Our consistent high quality and purity standards minimise the risks of quality deficiencies in our customers’ products and therefore prevent brand and image damage.  

Jungbunzlauer follows a strict Non-GMO policy for its products. Our additives and ingredients are used in a huge range of products on a global scale and it is our aspiration to offer Non-GMO qualities in our European plants.  

Customer Audits

At Jungbunzlauer, we are proud of our production facilities and encourage our customers to audit our plants. Business partners can thus easily verify the high standards adhered to in our manufacturing processes. As tailored audits are time consuming and expensive, fees may apply depending on the plant, the product and traded volumes.

Alternatively, we offer free compiled information packages about our plants, our production processes and quality systems.

For more information, please contact your local sales representative.

Audit consortia represent an other resource saving opportunity for companies requiring supplier audits. Jungbunzlauer has established audit routines with several consortia regarding manufacturing in Pernhofen, Austria, and Port Colborne, Canada.

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Audit Consortia

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Reseach and Development

Investments in research and development over the years guarantee to support our customer’s success and meet their needs.

Customer Support

Jungbunzlauer’s gives individual support, provides professional service and experience-based consulting regarding the applications of our products.