Product responsibility

Our approach

Jungbunzlauer is committed to providing its customers with a positive experience and establishing itself as a trustworthy, reliable and professional partner. As a supplier to the food industry and many other industries, we acknowledge our responsibility for the safety of our food additives and ingredients.

Failure to ensure product security could result in serious damage to our company’s reputation and brand, which in turn could lead to a loss of trust among stakeholders. The quality of our products also has a profound impact on the quality of our customers’ end products and a potential impact on consumer health and safety. This is why we supply our customers with high-quality, safe and specification-compliant products.

As these are complex topics, the responsibilities regarding product quality and safety are shared between management and all our different departments:

Our ambition

We want to provide the best possible products and services to our customers. This means exhaustive quality control in all sectors of the company.

We adhere to the zero-defects principle, which applies not only to our products, but also to product packaging, accompanying documents and delivery.

Our goal is to continually reduce the number of justified customer complaints, and prevent justified complaints in the defect class “Food safety – critical”. We aim to constantly improve our processes in order to guarantee highest standards of product quality and safety.

Key measures and evaluation

Complaints management

Targets 2022

  • Reduction of complaints
  • Development of a new KPI for the evaluation of product quality

Progress and achievements 2022

  • 0.0007 total product-related claims per mt final material produced. Unfortunately, a reduction in complaints could not be achieved, the complaints increased by 19% from 2021 to 2022
  • Restructuring of our KPIs should lead to a more focused approach to product responsibility in line with our sustainability efforts. Implementation of new meaningful KPI ongoing.

Continuous improvement

Targets 2022

Implement measures for improvements at production sites

Progress and achievements 2022

Continuous improvement was achieved based on customer feedback, internal and external audits and our Kaizen improvement programme


In 2022, the justified complaints indicator was reviewed; it will be modified and a more informative and meaningful KPI will be added for 2023. We will also evaluate whether further processes need to be implemented in order to properly track the chosen parameters. The objective of the new target for complaint evaluation is to optimise the complaints handling process.

Monitoring of justified complaints which lead to a return of goods will be introduced as a valuable new KPI. The implementation is currently under review and the modifications will be implemented during 2023. We plan to report on this new KPI from 2023.