A highly bioavailable zinc source in support of human health

Zinc citrate is an organic zinc salt and represents a fully reacted and nutritionally functional chelate of zinc and citrate. Due to the wide variety of proven effects on human health and its high bioavailability zinc citrate is often used in functional foods and dietary supplements.

The health benefits of zinc have been gathering more attention in recent years thanks to overall increased awareness in health and well-being. Zinc is a key ingredient in health-focused formulations as it supports normal function of the immune system. Its physiological versatility, which offers options for new product concepts, combined with its relative low cost in use, demonstrates why zinc and particularly zinc citrate is forecasted for additional growth within fortified foods and supplements.

As an organic mineral source zinc citrate is a great solution for many applications and preferred over inorganic sources as it shows a superior bioavailability, physiological compatibility and nearly neutral taste compared to other zinc salts. It also offers among the organic mineral salts a very high mineral content (31%) which make the use more cost efficient.

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