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Shampoo Tabs - Meeting the demand for sustainable and innovative product formats

Due to our fast-paced lifestyle, our daily life and thus our environment is shaped by the threat of pollution and unsustainable use of resources. Especially during these times, marked by the pandemic, we recognise the real value of our environment and realise it is time to slow down. 

When it comes to sustainability, we are all on the same page. Together we are shaping the future for the next generations. Jungbunzlauer’s mission “From nature to ingredients®” and sustainability as a keystone of our strategy commits our company to the responsibility towards society and environment.

These days, consumers become increasingly conscious about their daily choices not only in food products but also in home care and personal care items. When we take a closer look on our daily used personal care products, we see one main, dominant ingredient - water! With a share of approximately 80%, it is the main component in these formulations. Moreover, not only huge quantities of water, which is transported across the globe, contribute to our ecological footprint but also the large number of plastic packaging in which the liquids are filled. The trend of environmental friendly and waterless formulas in beauty and personal care has been significantly growing over the last years. Products in bar, tab or powder formats are very appealing to consumers and convince through their lean and natural formulation and the omission of preservatives which are no longer necessary due to the lack of water.

Jungbunzlauer, as the world’s leading producer of biodegradable ingredients, supports the formulation of innovative, solid product formats to allow for a more sustainable lifestyle. New formulations based on natural and biodegradable ingredients derived from fermentation, support the conversion from liquid to waterless products. Our “Shampoo Tabs” concept is fulfilling the three important properties of a conventional shampoo product:

Convenience: One shampoo tab provides you with the required amount of shampoo by softly crushing and rubbing the tab between your hands with water.

Pleasant application: The product is based on an effervescent system consisting of sodium bicarbonate and CITROCOAT® N, a coated thus less hygroscopic citric acid to avoid premature reactions. Each tablet dissolves quickly under water but remains stable during storage in the humid environment in the consumer’s bathroom. Xanthan gum provides a smooth feeling upon foaming and stabilises the foam for a pleasant application up to the hair tips.

Rich hair feelingERYLITE®, sweetener Erythritol, provides the nourishing effect for a rich and pleasant hair feeling by improving the combability of wet hair.

How can we support your next formulation project? We can assist you with formulation works and tableting trials at our application labs. Moreover, by means of agglomeration, granulation and coating technologies we have the possibility to modify powder properties and add value to our materials to improve the processability of our products as well as the properties of the finished consumer product.

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