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Jungbunzlauer is pleased to return to Berlin, Germany for the SEPAWA Congress from 25 – 27 October 2023. Visit us at booth no. A181-182 to learn more about our multifunctional product portfolio.

The SEPAWA program is online now – don’t miss our presentations:

Glucono-delta-Lactone for mild and effective exfoliation of the skin
Wednesday – 10:15-10:30 am, Room 10+11

Glucono-delta-lactone (GdL) is a polyhydroxy acid with milder exfoliating properties than alpha- or betahydroxy acids. To demonstrate its beneficial effects on skin, we have developed a minimalistic face serum formulation. The tolerability and performance of this face serum was evaluated in a 4-week user study conducted on 20 panellists by the independent tests institute Dermatest®. The study methods comprised dermatological safety assessment, a questionnaire-based survey to evaluate subjective product perception, sebumetry and counting of efflorescences. At the end of the treatment period, the excellent skin tolerance was confirmed, blackheads were reduced and sebum quantity decreased. These results underline the suitability of GdL as mild yet effective active ingredient for the daily skin care routine.

Triethyl Citrate and Zinc Lactate – Multifunctional ingredients for a minimalist deodorant
Friday – 11:45-12:00 am, Room 15

This project examines a minimalist, aluminium-free deodorant built on the synergy effect of triethyl citrate (Brand name CITROFOL® AI) and zinc lactate. Both prevent the breakdown of organic compounds by bacteria into malodourous derivates. Triethyl citrate forms ethanol and citric acid by enzymatic hydrolysis on the skin therefore inhibiting the enzyme activity of the bacteria. Zinc lactate has antimicrobial properties as well as skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a supplementary active ingredient in deodorants. An in vivo sensory panel test has proven that the addition of zinc lactate to a formulation already containing triethyl citrate significantly increases its deodorant performance. Additionally, the combination of triethyl citrate and zinc lactate supports self-preserving claims, enabling cleaner label formulations.

Besides our technical presentations, we will promote some sensory demos and give-aways at our booth.

Multifunctional formulation of tooth tabs

Tooth tabs are a compact alternative format to toothpaste, not only for travellers but for every day home use. The solid, water-free formulation allows us to eliminate plastic packaging and preservatives. Try our multifunctional formulation for healthy tooth tabs containing ERYLITE® Erythritol as a natural sweetener, delivering a well-sent taste and benefits for oral health and CITROCOAT® EP as a novel effervescent compound leading to faster disintegration and better compressibility. Learn more about our xanthan gum as a natural thickener providing a pleasant mouth feel and our zinc lactate offering excellent anti-plaque and anti-tartar properties.

New natural formulations with unique texture by combining Xanthan Gum with Alginate and Tricalcium Citrate

The cosmetic industry is trending towards high quality, natural products, with short ingredient lists focusing on high efficacy without compromise on performance. Jungbunzlauer’s bio-based product portfolio addresses these needs by providing highly functional ingredients for natural and pure personal care products with pleasant effects. Synthetic thickeners do not fit into the concept of natural personal care. Using natural polymers for texture stabilisation of personal care products can be a challenging in order to support formulators, Jungbunzlauer developed natural and microplastic-free solutions for creating smooth textures in personal care products using our xanthan gum in combination with alginate and our tricalcium citrate as calcium source for cross-linking alginate. Both thickeners combined allow developing smooth products with a new application feeling.

Visit our booth and feel the new texture of natural formulations based on COSMOS certified ingredients.


Jungbunzlauer ingredients are the first choice for anyone who wants the best available product, with no compromise in quality, origin or sustainability. Sustainability is a keystone in Jungbunzlauer’s company strategy. Our products are manufactured using natural fermentation processes based on renewable raw materials. Our product range is ECOCERT and COSMOS approved as well as NATRUE approved.

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