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Jungbunzlauer launching TayaGel® Gellan Gum

Jungbunzlauer is pleased to announce the launch of high acyl gellan gum under the brand name TayaGel®. Gellan gum is a highly functional hydrocolloid, produced through controlled non-GMO fermentation using renewable feedstock. Gellan gum is widely permitted as food additive used in a growing variety of both food and non-food products. TayaGel® is part of our product group Biogums, available through our sales offices and representatives.

High acyl gellan gum is an outstanding stabiliser for various food products, most notably in dairy, dairy-alternative and other beverages. Gellan creates a soft gel-like structure that helps stabilise suspended particles or droplets, with minimal impact on the mouthfeel. Gellan is therefore ideal for use in beverages that are prone some form of sedimentation. This functionality can easily be extended to all kind of water-based products that require stabilisation. We are introducing two types of high acyl gellan gum: TayaGel® HA, which is our highly functional, general-purpose product, and TayaGel® HA-D, which offers the same functionality and adds specific compatibility with dairy compounds.

The name TayaGel is a tribute to the production location of our gellan gum and xanthan gum in Austria. For almost four decades Jungbunzlauer produced high-quality xanthan gum in Austria and supports customers worldwide to stabilise their products with a wide range of highly functional special grades. Building on this vast experience we have developed the capacities and capabilities for the production of gellan gum at our plant in Pernhofen, Austria.

For more information, visit the product page:

We look forward to providing you our stable and stabilising support.


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