Newton, MA I USA

Jungbunzlauer Inc Announces new North American Headquarters

Jungbunzlauer Inc is excited to announce its brand new North American headquarters. Fueled by a decade of expansion and sales growth, this new space allows Jungbunzlauer to continue growing and working together and serving our customers in a more open and collaborative environment, while enjoying the benefits of a modern office space.

This new headquarters marks the second new North American facility opened in under three years. Jungbunzlauer Inc is committed to growth in the US and Canada, while continuing to serve our customers and help them to manufacture safer and healthier products.

Jungbunzlauer transforms nature's plants into useful products and efficient solutions for the food, beverage and numerous other industries around the globe. Jungbunzlauer is one of the world's leading producers of non-GMO ingredients. The Swiss-based international company, whose roots date back to 1867, specialises in citric acid, xanthan gum, gluconates, lactics, specialties, special salts and sweeteners and many derivatives thereof. Jungbunzlauer uses renewable carbohydrate raw materials mainly derived from corn and transforms them through the natural process of fermentation into readily biodegradable and ecologically safe ingredients.

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