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In the dynamic landscape of food and supplement production, innovation plays a vital role in overcoming manufacturing challenges, particularly those related to product stability. A recent innovation making waves in the market is CITROCOAT® N PRO, a product designed to substantially improve the stability of powdered formulations.

Comprising citric acid coated with a thin layer of trisodium citrate, this formulation capitalises on the favourable regulatory status of both ingredients, which are widely recognised and permitted as food additives. This not only ensures the safety and compliance of CITROCOAT® N PRO, but also broaden its applications in the food and supplement industry.

Benefits for consumers and manufacturers

Certain supplement ingredients pose challenges when it comes to being pressed into tablet form, necessitating an alternative format. The advantages of powders as a supplement form are well-established: they allow for easy dosage adjustment, can be conveniently mixed into liquids like juices or water, and are easily digestible. However, the primary challenge has always been in stabilising these powders to prevent issues such as caking, ingredient decomposition, and discoloration – problems often triggered by even minimal exposure to humidity. Humidity can originate from other ingredients in formulations containing water or from those that are hygroscopic, or it can be introduced during production processes. This is where CITROCOAT® N PRO shines, providing an effective solution for powder stabilisation, thus extending the shelf life and preserving product quality.

The optimal choice for humidity-sensitive formulations

Powdered formulations, especially those susceptible to humidity, can greatly benefit from the utilisation of CITROCOAT® N PRO. This product is engineered to avert the undesirable reactions of citric acid within the powder mixture, which can lead to an array of stability issues. By mitigating these reactions, CITROCOAT® N PRO ensures that the quality of the powder formulation remains intact from production to consumption.


CITROCOAT® N PRO is establishing a new benchmark in the food and supplement industry by providing a robust solution to the enduring issue of powder stabilisation. Its distinctive formulation not only guarantees product stability and quality but also aligns with regulatory standards, rendering it a versatile and essential tool for manufacturers. Looking ahead, CITROCOAT® N PRO signifies a substantial advancement in our mission to deliver safer, more dependable, and higher-quality food and supplement products to consumers worldwide.

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