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Glucono-delta-Lactone as a mild exfoliating agent with excellent efficacy

As the skin care market continues to grow, so does the range of products available to consumers. Choosing between these products, with their many ingredients and claims, can sometimes feel overwhelming. Consequently, formulas featuring a short list of ingredients and simplified claims are increasingly appealing to consumers looking to establish a consistent, easy-to-follow routine. Furthermore, sustainability has become a major factor in consumer decision-making, leading to a growing interest in products developed using versatile, natural, and biodegradable ingredients. Exfoliating products are moving away from harsh chemicals, towards anti-inflammatory actives that are gentle on the skin.

Among the most popular ingredients used for chemical peelings are the alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids. With an organic acid structure containing multiple hydroxyl groups, the polyhydroxy acid glucono-delta-lactone (GdL) demonstrates similar exfoliating properties to those of alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids and also functions as a moisturiser.

A study using a simple leave-on face serum as a vehicle, and based on clinical-dermatological test criteria was conducted to assess the exfoliating and skin tolerance properties of GdL. Containing 8% GdL as an active substance, this minimalist face serum formulation was developed with a short list of ingredients, all COSMOS compliant.

This representative home-use study demonstrated the excellent skin tolerability and efficacy of this face serum containing GdL as exfoliating agent. A range of skin parameters could be improved, such as occurrence of blackheads and papules, as well as sebum production. The positive product rating by the majority of panellists confirmed the great potential of GdL as an exfoliating agent in simple product formats.

Jungbunzlauer GdL is made by fermentation of GMO-free renewable resources. It is safe, readily biodegradable and approved by COSMOS and NATRUE as a raw material for use in personal care. GdL is therefore a highly valuable ingredient for mild, natural yet efficacious personal care formulations.

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