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CASE is going sustainable with bio-based CITROFOL®

As sustainability becomes a fundamental expectation of manufacturers and consumers, a growing number of companies, including retailers and manufacturers are using supplier scorecards to systematically measure sustainability efforts.

CITROFOL® (brand for citric acid esters produced by Jungbunzlauer) are safe, bio-based, substances, listed in all chemical registers (e.g. REACH), due to their safe toxicological attributes.

CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) is a simple abbreviation for a variety of specialised applications fulfilling different and often crucial requirements, which are supported by the use of CITROFOL® esters.

In coatings, CITROFOL® grades work particularly well as a coalescent agent and play an important role in optimising film formation to ensure uniform and smooth surface finishes. CITROFOL® esters improve scrub and dirt pick-up resistance and contribute to coating flexibility.

In adhesives, sealants and elastomers, commonly used petro-chemical based materials, like phthalates, benzoates, adipates or alkylsulfonic esters, are increasingly replaced by CITROFOL® types of materials.

The most commonly used polymers like acrylics, polyurethanes and vinyl acetates are very compatible with CITROFOL® BI and CITROFOL® BII, influencing conveying and application to substrates. CITROFOL® grades contribute to a lower glass transition temperature respectively elasticity and softness to the finished product.

In elastomers, such as acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, citrate esters are used to improve flexibility at low temperatures. In food contact products, like conveyor belts, CITROFOL® BII is the citrate ester of choice, not just because of its food contact approval, but also due to its good processing characteristics.

At Jungbunzlauer we recognise our responsibility for practising sustainable principles in all our manufacturing operations. To underline the importance of our aspiration to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Jungbunzlauer is committed to the Science Based Target initiative. Furthermore we are in the process of setting ambitious emission reduction goals in line with the Paris Agreement. We are convinced it is important and mandatory to be aware of our responsibility towards the environment and to work together proactively for a more sustainable future.

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