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Snacking has a positive effect on the psyche and beside this, chocolate actually contains a whole range of valuable substances that are good for our bodies. Perhaps this is why the per capita consumption of chocolate is steadily increasing. Germany and Switzerland in particular are in the top two ranges consuming more than 9 kilograms of the cocoa product per year.

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ERYLITE® Erythritol: Made naturally by bio-fermentation

Unlike other sugar alcohols, erythritol is naturally and present in many foods, like wine, soy sauce and a variety of fruits. It is manufactured from glucose using a natural fermentation process. This makes it a great alternative to other polyols and bulk sweeteners: it is approximately 60% as sweet as sugar. It has high digestive tolerance of around 0.8 g/kg bodyweight and low hygroscopicity.

Systemic effect studies demonstrate that erythritol is readily absorbed, not metabolised, and excreted via the kidneys. Thanks to this metabolic profile, it is non-glycaemic and non-insulinaemic.

Sustainability: ERYLITE® from glucose verified by the FSA

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) was established by the food industry and was initiated with the goal to support the implementation of sustainable agriculture practices based on social, economic, and environmental sustainability. The main raw material for ERYLITE® production is glucose derived from corn. On customer demand the glucose can be supplied by farmers committed to sustainable agriculture as verified by the FSA (farm sustainability assessment) by SAI platform.

Dark chocolate with ERYLITE® Erythritol

Traditional chocolate has high sugar and fat content, the calories contributed by sugar account for around 25% of the overall caloric value. Since ERYLITE® has a calorie content of zero kcal/g, it enables a 25% calorie reduction and the end product is suitable for low-sugar diets. This is a big advantage over other polyols, which deliver a calorie contribution of 2.4 kcal/g – a great alternative to other polyols and bulk sweeteners that should not be overlooked.

Cooling sensation

ERYLITE®’s high negative heat of solution may result in a cooling sensation during consumption of chocolate. 180 J/g energy are needed to dissolve erythritol crystals in water and this also leads to a cooling effect when the chocolate melts in the mouth. Should the cooling sensation not be desired, it can be counteracted by adding ingredients that have a positive heat of solution such as inulin or oligofructose. This also leads to the partial substitution of cocoa butter and thus to a reduction of fat and calories in the product.

Erythritol as a flavouring with modifying properties

Erythritol is a FEMA approved natural flavouring classified as a flavouring with modifying properties (FMP, FEMA 4819). Due to its high water solubility it can act as an osmolyte and shorten sweetness onset as well as increasing the sweetness peak (Woo A.; 2020).

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