Our employees

Our group`s reputation

Jungbunzlauer’s size and flat organisation enables us to make decisions quickly. We very often know each other across functions and geographical locations, making communication and collaboration across functions and levels easy and straightforward.  

To comply with the highest labour, health and safety standards is of utmost importance to us and this approach is defined in our corporate social responsibility policy. This policy focuses on Jungbunzlauer’s responsibility towards its stakeholders regarding health and safety conditions, business practices and the safety of our products.
We all intuitively know that no organisation can be successful over the long term without engaged and competent people working well together, with the right tools to get the job done. Therefore, each and everyone working at Jungbunzlauer is important. Embedded in our history and values lies a natural respect and appreciation of the individual. We simply care about each other.

We at Jungbunzlauer are committed and work as a team. The Group’s reputation is a result of high integrity, good conduct, dedication, and unbiased excellence of the people who work at Jungbunzlauer and are fundamental to our success. 

We encourage an entrepreneurial attitude, a visible and engaging leadership style, open two-way communication and collaboration across all functions and levels. Open communication is lived throughout the whole organisation.

Employee development as a key to sustainable growth

Jungbunzlauer has grown since its foundation and it is our goal to continue growing Jungbunzlauer, by investing, by innovating, by maintaining a fair and ethical corporate governance and ensuring that Jungbunzlauer becomes an even better place to work. We need the engagement and contribution of all our employees to reach this target and shape our future.   

We aim to fulfil the aspirations of both the individual and the company by giving priority to training and education. Moreover, we always strive to build long-term working relationships. Every new employee receives in-depth training in preparation for his or her role. Our employees also regularly attend internal as well as external training courses to expand their knowledge in their respective fields.

Motivated and well-trained staff are at the core of the Jungbunzlauer business philosophy and we see engaged employees as the key to our success. Jungbunzlauer strives to offer a safe, healthy and inspiring working environment where our employees can thrive. A lot of time is spent at work and we therefore deem it important to provide an agreeable environment where our employees feel comfortable and can also have some fun. 


The performance of great companies is driven by great employees. And we are committed to keep our organisation healthy and powerful. But great companies also have great organisations and ways of working together. So, as for many things in life it is about finding the right balance between the individual and the Group, between the processes and the entrepreneurship and between central and delegated decision making.

Did you know?

Projects to make Jungbunzlauer a better place to work are regularly initiated based on our employees’ feedback through the Spirit program. For example, a time management training was offered to improve the organisation of the work environment.

In addition, joint meetings between different teams were organised to further strengthen the outstanding communication and teamwork as well as direct exchange on current tasks and projects between our employees.

Jungbunzlauer employee growth by region

The Jungbunzlauer Group worldwide grew by 11.3% from 1,100 employees (headcount) in 2017 to 1,224 employees in 2019.   


As the company faces challenges from outside and inside, being both agile and aligned are keys to our success.  

The business environment in which we work, continuously changes and affects the way we do business, how we find opportunities and engage ourselves to act as one company. It is our aspiration to make sure the number of employed women, especially in our management, develops positively by fostering talent and offering opportunities for growth.
Our growing global organisation steadily changes our ways of working together within the whole group. Challenges such as easy communication and flow of information as well as a balanced management of competences arise due to our growing company. So we all need to be prepared to adapt to such changes as individuals and as a global organisation by constantly developing ourselves and our organisation. To manage change, we need passionate employees with an entrepreneurial spirit and a common understanding of Jungbunzlauer’s vision, strategy, values and ambitions. This common understanding is the basis for a team which works together efficiently and pulls in the same direction collectively.