Labour standards & employment

Our approach

To comply with the highest labour, health and safety standards is of the utmost importance to us. We fully respect the rules of conduct stated in the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Fundamental Conventions as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This approach is defined in our “Corporate Social Responsibility Policy”. This policy focuses on Jungbunzlauer’s responsibility towards its stakeholders regarding health and safety conditions, business practices and the safety of our products and is reviewed and updated every five years by the Management Committee. The observance of the policy is the responsibility of the management of each Jungbunzlauer subsidiary. The companies’ managers and executive boards immediately report to the CEO if any problems or non-compliance with these guidelines arise.

Our ambition

Overall, it is our goal to continue growing Jungbunzlauer by investing, innovating and maintaining a fair and ethical corporate governance and ensuring that Jungbunzlauer becomes an even better place to work. We further strive to create higher awareness regarding diversity and gender equality. We aim to positively influence the working environment regarding these topics.

Did you know?

At Jungbunzlauer, apprenticeships are available in different professions, e.g. as chemical technician, in maintenance or accounting.

Key measures and evaluation

Measures Targets 2021 Progress and achievements 2021
Spirit survey Preparation of employee survey in 2022 Preparation of new survey for 2022
Kaizen approach Monthly walk through the facility, continuous improvement in all areas (a certain minimum rating is required) Progress achievements and targets set individually by each production plant
Annual appraisal Annual appraisal for all employees, achievement of individual objectives Appraisal meetings with supervisor have successfully been conducted

Percentage of women and men

in % of total employees

% of total employees


As the company faces challenges from the outside and inside, being both agile and aligned are keys to our success. The business environment in which we work, continuously changes and affects the way we do business, how we find opportunities and engage ourselves to act as one company. It is our aspiration to make sure the number of employed women, especially in our management, develops positively by fostering talent and offering opportunities for growth.

Our growing global organisation leads to necessary adaptions in our ways of working together within the whole group: challenges such as easy communication and flow of information as well as a balanced management of competences arise. Thus, we will continuously work on our IT systems in order to improve working and communicating virtually. In addition, our 7th Spirit survey is planned to be conducted at the beginning of 2022.