Our goals

Our milestones

2013 - 2020

Already achieved

We reduced our overall CO2 emissions intensity (mt CO2e/mt final product incl. by-products) by 8% between 2013 and 2020.

Continuous improvement of health and safety measures.

Reduction of food safety critical complaints.


Regular Compliance trainings for all relevant employees since 2019.


Although employee engagement and satisfaction are already at a high level, we want to improve it further by introducing a new employee engagement tool in 2020.

Use of green energy in our production site in Ladenburg, Germany.


We implemented a new Diversity and Equality Policy.

We plan to commit and set targets in accordance with SBTi.

Use of green energy planned in our biggest production site Pernhofen, Austria.


Validation of targets by Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi)


2025 emissions target: 10% reduction in Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) emission intensity (mt CO2e/mt final product incl. by-products) compared to baseline year 2017. 

Future goals

We aim for a continuous reduction of specific water and waste volumes.

We strive for zero accidents and continue to implement corrective actions to prevent accidents in our plants.

We aim to be climate neutral by 2050.