Sustainable manufacturing

Jungbunzlauer’s objective is to be the supplier of choice for our bio-based ingredients.  

To reach this target, we aim at introducing and exercising sustainable practices in all our manufacturing operations in order to ensure the availability of our natural resources and to protect the environment. We are committed to implementing sound environmental management practices into all aspects of our business. All our production sites adhere to the Responsible Care® programme to monitor and improve our environmental performance. Resources for the implementation of Responsible Care principles are provided in all our plants. 

Did you know?

That our production site Marckolsheim implemented a new VOC (volatile organic compounds) treatment unit.

Efficiency in production

Energy-saving programmes  

Our investments in numerous energy-saving programmes have resulted in a substantial reduction in energy consumption per unit of production. We also work continuously on minimising greenhouse gases emitted by our factories. We strive for a steady reduction in waste and for optimal recycling flows. Nearly all by-products resulting from our operations are used in construction, agriculture, feed or for biogas production. Most of our raw materials are sourced either on site or from production sites nearby.

At Jungbunzlauer we believe it is important to be aware of our responsibility towards the environment and to work together proactively for a more sustainable future.

Did you know?

New LED lights have been installed throughout the facilites in our plants in Port Colborne and Ladenburg to further increase energy savings.  

Definition of carbon Footprint

  • The total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organisation, event or product
  • Measured by undertaking a GHG emission assessment
  • Expressed in terms of the amount of CO2e
    (CO2 and its equivalent of other GHGs)

Our energy-saving programmes in detail



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Water & waste

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