Our business practices

Jungbunzlauer is committed to meeting customer expectations and other stakeholders.  

Our approach

Jungbunzlauer`s management is responsible for ensuring good business practices through issuing various policies: Code of Business Conduct; Health, Safety and Environmental Policy; Sustainability Policy; 3rd party Code of Conduct. Those have been shared with all employees during their introductory training, including all governance body members, and are available on our intranet.

Our ambition

Jungbunzlauer Group is active in all important markets throughout the world, thus compliance with different laws and regulations is essential for our business activities. Following our Code of Business Conduct guarantees that Jungbunzlauer’s reputation is maintained.

Key measures and evaluation

Business practices and potential issues are regularly discussed by senior management during monthly Management Committee meetings, and remedial measures implemented if necessary.

Measures Targets 2020 Progress and achievements 2020
Online Compliance Trainings Continued online compliance trainings for commercial and administrative employees, including management In 2020, 517 employees participated in the compliance trainings
All commercial employees as well as employees from administration and operations participated
Code of Conduct Review and update

Corruption incidents
Facilitation payments are now explicitly prohibited and the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules are reflected
No confirmed incidents of corruption have been recorded in 2020
Corporate Social Responisbility Policy Review and update Compliance is now explicitly mentioned and a new section about products and services has been included
Export Control Procedure Continue training of employees on new export control procedure implemented in 2019
Compliance with the respective export control law
Avoidance of infringements against export controls
Creation of uniform standards
Initial trainings on the new export control procedure have been finalised for relevant employees
Whistle Blowing System Improvement of whistle blowing procedure We improved our whistle blowing service by using a third-party
In 2020, no incidents regarding non-compliance were recorded


In order to keep up our high standards in business practices, compliance trainings will be conducted biennially from 2021 onwards. Furthermore, a new training on social compliance about preventing discrimination, will be included in our online compliance trainings in 2021.

To prevent liability risks, internal and external audits will be carried out on a regular basis.