Our perspective

We are aware of our responsibility to be a responsible employer and fair business partner as well as providing safe products. Our Group’s reputation is the result of the tradition of high integrity, good business conduct, dedication, and unbiased excellence of the people who work here and are fundamental to our achievements.

Following responsible business practices is important in order to ensure our future economic success on a sustainable basis. A lack of responsible business practices and supply security as well as product security can result in a serious damage to our company’s reputation and brand, which can lead to a loss of trust by stakeholders. That is why we supply our customers with high-quality safe and specification-conforming products, and deal fairly with our employers, customers, suppliers and competitors.

Furthermore, the quality of our products has a profound impact on the quality of our customers’ end products and a potential impact on consumer health and safety. Product quality, and product marketing and labelling, are therefore of considerable importance to us and our stakeholders. Correct marketing communication and labelling is important not only for regulatory conformance, but also for correct and safe handling and disposal of the product. Therefore, it has a direct influence on the success and reliability of our business. We, as a company, have a responsibility for our environment and the society in which we operate. And we want to set a good example in the way we conduct business with others and take responsibility for our actions.