Our core products are complemented by a number of additional value added products, the range of Specialties. Jungbunzlauer has developed a variety of citrate salts and esters, which are used in food, pharmaceutical and also technical applications.

Jungbunzlauer is a world-leading producer of CITROFOL®, a range of citrate esters which are more and more used as safe plasticisers to replace phthalates in sensitive applications. "Functional Acids and Salts" are products with specially designed properties; improved compressibility or decreased reactivity with other ingredients in dry blends are examples for superior solutions for our customers. Additionally, sub4salt® to reduce sodium/salt levels complete the range of our Specialties for different applications in the food industry.

Product overview


CITROFOL® AI is a natural triethyl citrate, widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food applications, but also as plasticiser in materials with food contact. more


CITROFOL® BI is an efficient primary plasticiser mainly used in industrial applications which shows superior efficacy compared to phthalates. For esterification of CITROFOL® BI eco we use butanol from renewable resources - this increases the bio-based share to 100%. more

Functional Acids

Functional Acids are citric acids with a modified surface. This enables them to provide outstanding technological benefits during manufacturing, storage, and use. more


This non-toxic plasticiser is especially desirable in products serving the medical, pharmaceutical and food contact. more


CITROFOL® BII is a versatile citric acid ester which has not only been applied in industrial uses, but also in healthcare and personal care products. CITROFOL® BII eco is esterified with butanol from renewable resources and increases the bio-based share to 90%. more