NSF True North Non-GMO Certification

Jungbunzlauer obtains “True North” Non-GMO certification for its whole product range

Gene technology and genetically modified crops are important topics in the food industry since many years. The subject had and continues to have a big impact in the agricultural sector and hence, in the whole food and beverage supply chain. The technology and its benefits are widely accepted in the industry and consumers, however, there is a growing share of people, that wants to be able make an educated choice between consuming products of conventional origin and product that got in touch with gene technology. More and more people seek reliability about the origin of their daily food and the technologies used to make it.

Throughout the world there are big differences in the labelling requirements for GMO food. While in Europe the labelling laws are very strict, the regulations in the United States of America do not require to mention genetical modification on food labels. For consumers it is thus not easy to find information about the GMO status of their favourite products.

As a reaction to consumers needs voluntary Non-GMO labelling options evolved. Independent organisations designed Non-GMO labellings, that food and beverage makers can use on their products after an in-depth scrutiny of the entire product history regarding use of GMO technologies. Only products free from usage of gene technology are eligible to carry such third party certification label. Part of that scrutiny are also the food additives and ingredients used and therefore, also suppliers of raw material have to respond to that requirement of the consumer and take a stand regarding genetical modification in foods and beverages.

Jungbunzlauer follows a strict Non-GMO policy for its products. Our additives and ingredients are used in a huge range of products on a global scale and it is our aspiration to offer Non-GMO qualities.

1)    The raw materials used in our manufacturing processes are purchased against strict Non-GMO specifications (the only exception is Canada). Adherence to this policy is proved by regular testing.

2)    Our fermenting microorganisms are developed only with traditional breeding technologies.

We have mandated the third party certifier NSF to review the GMO status of our products. After reviewing the whole manufacturing process, NSF has concluded that Jungbunzlauer products manufactured in its plants in Austria, France and Germany comply with the True North Non-GMO standard, and hence offer to the food makers safe, sustainably-made Non-GMO food ingredients.

Non-GMO definitions   
Jungbunzlauer – products from European plants
Jungbunzlauer – products from the Canadian plant

Cow Model

(Labelling Law)

  • Non-GMO according to European / US law
  • Non-GMO product according to PCR analysis
  • GMO raw material converts to a Non-GMO final ingredient through fermentation





NSF True North certified

(Identity Preserved)

  • Non-GMO PRIMARY raw material
    (e.g. Non-GM corn)
  • European food industry’s common Non-GM definition



NSF Non-GMO True North standard

The NSF Non-GMO True North standard was created to assure the integrity of Non-GMO claims and to grow the breadth and diversity of Non-GMO/GE verified products sold at retail and Non-GMO certified ingredients sold throughout the supply chain. NSF Non-GMO True North incorporates elements from the EU and Vermont GMO labeling requirements and pulls best practice from commonly used leading food safety standards.

For more information visit www.nsf.org