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General Information

The GLUCOSET® product range is a series of products especially designed for the gypsum industry based on gluconates and tartaric acid. GLUCOSET® products can substitute the standard set retarder product in gypsum plaster, natural tartaric acid. Natural tartaric acid is prone to strong price fluctuation year on year. Our gluconates-based GLUCOSET® retarders offer a reliable performance in retarding for gypsum as well as a significant cost saving compared to tartaric acid.

In order to offer the optimum products for every dry mix gypsum application based on natural and synthetic gypsum, we provide a range of products:

  • GLUCOSET® G series is based on micronised (< 60 µm) glucono-delta-lactone, blended with or without tartaric acid
  • GLUCOSET® S series is based on specially milled (< 300 µm) sodium gluconate with or without tartaric acid

Jungbunzlauer offers application support to select the right GLUCOSET® product at the right concentration based on our experience in extensive lab and application tests.

GLUCOSET® by Jungbunzlauer is a new offering to the construction industry which enables our customers a cost saving and well as a price stabilisation option compared to tartaric acid.


Jungbunzlauer offers a wide range of  different GLUCOSET® types.

Complete replacement:

  • GLUCOSET® G60: Glucono-delta-Lactone, micronised (< 63 µm)
  • GLUCOSET® S300: Sodium Gluconate, special granaulation (< 300 µm)


Partial replacement of tartaric acid:

  • GLUCOSET® GT60 A : Blend of Glucono-delta-lactone and tartaric acid, micronised (< 63 µm)
  • GLUCOSET® ST300 A: Blend of Sodium gluconate and tartaric acid, special granulation (< 300 µm)

Specifications are available on request.
All GLUCOSET® types are supplied in 25 kg polyethylene bags.
Other packaging (big bags) is possible upon request.

  • High purity gluconates and tartrates due to crystallisation process (assay: > 99%)
  • Reliable particle size distribution allows good flowability GLUCOSET® G series: addition of anti-caking agent
  • Very low heavy metal content (< 20 ppm)
Legal aspects