Citrofeed is a fermentation residue from the citric acid production. It is indirectly dried by steam and a heat inactivated mycelium of Aspergillus niger. Citrofeed is a very rich fiber feed ingredient with a medium protein content and a citric acid residue ranging from 1 % to 6 %. It is a common and valuable component in pig feeding, especially for breeding sows. One reason among others is the high feed conversion rate.

Specified Values

  Parameter min. max. Methods
Moisture-14.0 %VDLUFA
Dry substance 86.0 %-VDLUFA  
Crude protein 11.0 %-VDLUFA
Crude fibre  -50.0 %VDLUFA
Citric acid  1.0 %6.0 %Acid-base titration

Typical values*

Starch5.6 %
Crude ash 0.8 %
Crude fat 1.4 %
Nitrogen-free extracts (NfE)413 g/kg
Calcium0.7 g/kg
Phosphorus0.9 g/kg
Magnesium0.1 g/kg
Potassium0.4 g/kg
Fiber analysis
Neutral detergent fiber (NDF)70.6 %
Acid detergent fiber (ADF)44.1 %
Acid detergent lignin (ADL)15.9 %

*The stated values are non-binding typical values and underlie fluctuations due to the nature of raw materials and processing.

Quality & Certificates

Citrofeed is GMP+ certified and undergoes a strict monitoring regime to prevent a contamination of residues as mycotoxins, GMO, pesticides, heavy metals, pathogens and others.  Jungbunzlauer Austria AG follows a strict non-GMO policy for its products and Co-products.