Press Release

Basel, 31 May 2005

Yes, calcium can make you thin!

Basel, May 31, 2005 – Various studies over the last years have shown that increased calcium uptake can significantly fight overweight and obesity.

In a recently published scientific article, Dr. Gerhard Gerstner from our plant in Ladenburg, Germany where we manufacture highly bioavailable organic calcium salts used in food and pharmaceuticals, sums up the facts:

It is only recently that the anti-obesity effect of dietary calcium has been discovered. Clinical studies show an inverse relation between calcium intake and obesity, in fact, a high calcium intake in childhood and adulthood as well as supplemental calcium is associated with a lower body weight (or BMI), less body fat due to a shift from fat to lean body mass and a slower age-dependent weight gain in midlife.

Furthermore, calcium increases the efficacy of energy-reduced weight reduction diets. And last but not least, all studies together show, that calcium has an own anti-obesity effect which is independent from other components of the diet.

How does calcium work? No one is absolutely sure, and the physiological or cell biological bases for the change in body weight and body fat have not been fully explained. There are three main theories ranging from a stimulation of lypolysis and fatty acid oxidation, or prevention of intestinal absorption of part of the dietary fat to a reduction of food intake over 24 hours following calcium consumption.

These positive effects can be achieved by a diet rich in calcium and also by consuming calcium supplements and calcium-fortified food, paving the way for new nutritional concepts to fight obesity.

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Dr Gerhard Gerstner
Senior Technical Service Manager