Press Release

Basel, 01 October 2015

Sustainability achievements through investments and technology

Never has the ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions been more in focus. For our planet and mankind this quest is of high importance and customers and consumers we indirectly serve call for continued progress. It is our firm belief that long-term industry winners will be found amongst the companies that most efficiently solve the dual task of bringing the right value proposition to the market with the best sustainability profile.

This view is deeply rooted in the Jungbunzlauer approach. Sustainability is, and has always been, a cornerstone of our strategy and value proposition, enabling us to be a sustainable partner in our customer’s supply chain.

In this context we are proud to present substantial progress on our greenhouse gas emissions certified by an independent third party, myclimate.

In the decade from 2003 to 2013 we have reduced the product carbon footprint in all our product categories. And in our main areas such as citric acid anhydrous, xanthan and our biodegradable plasticiser, CITROFOL®, the reductions amount to 36%, 46% and 38% per ton of product, respectively.

In the same period the Jungbunzlauer corporate carbon footprint (scope 1 & 2) has seen a reduction of 19% per ton of final product. This reduction is also substantial when taking into consideration that growth of our speciality ingredients, which typically are more energy intensive to manufacture, has been particularly high.

These achievements stem from a focused growth strategy of combining state-of-the-art process technology with an intensive and targeted investment programme at our four manufacturing sites in Austria, Canada, France and Germany.

And our aspirations for continued progress remain to be on top of our agenda. Ongoing investments in excess of 100 mEUR will not only grow our capacity in many product areas and broaden the depth of our offering, but they will also support an even better performance when measuring the future emissions per ton of product produced.

Find more information on our sustainability page and we very much welcome you to contact us directly for more specific information.