Press Release

Landenburg, 06 February 2008

sub4salt® - Reducing sodium in bakery products

A major source for our salt uptake is bread. sub4salt® Jungbunzlauer´s new salt substitute is offering a sodium reduction of up to 35% in bread and other baked products without losses in taste and processing properties. The central part of the daily salt uptake of 12 g per day in western diets comes from processed foods. This is the double or triple amount of salt that is said to be healthy.

The function of salt in bakery products is mainly the regulation of the fermentation process and to create the desired taste characteristics. Without salt the dough will not rise properly! Furthermore salt is improving the browning of the final bread product. In trials replacing salt with sub4salt® sodium was reduced up to 35% without any negative effect on functional properties or taste.

sub4salt® - Low salt bakery products without low salty taste

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