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Landenburg, 21 December 2007

sub4salt® - Jungbunzlauers way to reduce sodium

sub4salt® is a new salt substitute to reduce the sodium content up to 50% in many food products without losses in taste. At the same time, sub4salt® also holds up the functionality of salt in food products and offers four main advantages compared to other salt reduction systems:

  • comparable salty taste characteristics
  • no metallic off-flavour
  • similar usage level to salt
  • easy handling due to similar physical properties

The central part of the daily salt uptake of 12 g per day in western diets comes from processed foods.This is far more than what is said to be healthy.The Food Standard agency in the UK for instance is recommending not more than 6 g salt per day because research showed that there is a linkage between salt uptake and high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. The main challenge when reducing the salt content is the loss of palatability. Simply adding less salt is not a good option as the taste characteristics will no longer be the same. Additionally, reduced sodium content influences the processing technology of some foods.

With the growing market of salt/sodium reduced food products, there is also an increased demand for salt substitutes or salty taste enhancing agents. Most of the existing salt substitutes do not match the taste characteristics of pure sodium chloride at a significant sodium reduction level and respectively have bitter or metallic off-notes.

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