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Landenburg, 28 March 2008

sub4salt® in meat products: low salt - full taste

Many of us think only of the salt we use when preparing meals. A much bigger problem is the hidden salt in many food products, such as bread, meat products, snacks or pastries. About 70 to 80 per cent of our daily salt intake derives from processed foods.

Meat products are not traditionally seen as healthy foods. Nevertheless, they can contribute to a healthier diet provided their nutritional profile is well balanced. However, salt reduction in meat products is a challenge for manufacturers. Salt imparts structure, texture and firmness as it acts as a stabiliser for proteins. Additionally, salt extends the shelf-life of meat products as it decreases microbiological activity and enhances meat maturation. The main problem in salt-reduced meat products is the reduced water binding capacity and the resulting yield loss during cooking

Jungbunzlauer’s sub4salt® offers a healthier alternative to sodium in meat products. sub4salt® not only replaces the salty taste, but can also take on the functionalities of salt in meat products. In brine-injected ham, for example, almost 30 per cent sodium reduction can be achieved using sub4salt® - with excellent results in terms of taste.

Therefore, using the patent-pending sub4salt®, manufacturers have a tasty, easy-to-handle solution as well as access to the wealth of expertise and wide range of technical services. sub4salt® is part of Jungbunzlauer’s HealthyChoices range. This range of health promoting ingredients also includes several high purity organic mineral salts as well as the novel low calorie bulk sweetener erythritol and addresses the top health trends: mineral fortification, sugar replacement and salt substitution.

sub4salt® - meat products with full taste

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