Press Release

Ladenburg, 11 August 2006

sub4salt - Jungbunzlauer extents its product portfolio with a salt replacer

Ladenburg, August 11, 2006 In Western diets the current daily salt uptake adds up to 12 g salt per day – most of it coming from processed foods. Research carried out in the recent years in various countries showed that there is a linkage between salt uptake and high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Awareness campaigns and national health plans (started in the UK and elsewhere) put the manufacturers in the need to reduce salt in their products. The main challenge for manufacturers when reducing salt is the loss of palatability. The lesser addition of salt is no option as the taste characteristics will not be same anymore. Most of the existing salt substitutes do not match the taste characteristics of pure sodium chloride at a significant sodium reduction level and respectively have bitter or metallic off-notes. With the growing market of salt/sodium reduced food products, there is also an increased demand for salt substitutes or salty taste enhancing agents.

Jungbunzlauer offers a solution here:
sub4salt helps to reduce the sodium content by 25% to 50% in a formulation without losses in taste

Compared to other salt reduction systems Jungbunzlauer’s sub4salt offers four main advantages:

  • similar salty taste characteristics
  • no additional off-notes
  • easy handling
  • similar dosage levels

Application information on the use of sub4salt in various food products is available on request. A general information brochure will be published soon.