Product News

Basel, 30 August 2010

Status of REACH registration at Jungbunzlauer

We are proud to inform you that we have successfully registered the following substances at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA):


Substance nameEC numberRegistration number
Citric acid201-069-101-2119457026-42-0000
D-gluconic acid208-401-401-2119454394-36-0000
D-glucono 1,5 –lactone (Glucono-delta-Lactone)202-016-501-2119451153-49-0000
Potassium gluconate206-074-201-2119455845-28-0000
Sodium dihydrogen citrate (Monosodium citrate)242-734-601-2119457585-28-0000
Tributyl o-acetylcitrate (CITROFOL® BII)201-067-001-2119457265-36-0000
Tricalcium dicitrate (Tricalcium citrate)212-391-701-2119457590-37-0000
Trimagnesium dicitrate (Trimagnesium citrate)222-093-901-2119457587-24-0000
Tripotassium citrate212-755-5 01-2119457580-38-0000
Trisodium citrate200-675-301-2119457027-40-0000
Trizinc dicitrate (Zinc citrate)208-901-201-2119461715-35-0000

Please note that the following substances are exempted from REACH registration:

  • Sodium gluconate, EC No. 208-407-7
  • Xanthan gum, EC No. 234-394-2

Information on the status of substances with registration deadline 2013 or 2018 will be made available at a later stage.