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Landenburg, 06 June 2006

Phthalates are not permitted in toys for the European market

Ladenburg, June 6, 2006 - CITROFOL® BII - the safest alternative plasticiser for toys and childcare articles.

Recently the European Union published in the “Official Journal” a Commission’s recommendation regarding the outcome of a ten-year risk assessment on the use of phthalates.

Corresponding comments from involved industries respectively their organizations regarding these recommendations could be misleading. They seem to indicate, that the use of phthalates even in sensitive applications is ratified by the Commission and that the ban on the use in toy applications is not justified and could be cancelled in the near future.

To avoid any misunderstandings we want to inform our customers on the facts and the actual legislative situation on the use of phthalates in toys:

  • On 13 April 2006 the EU published a statement on the results of a scientific risk assessment for phthalates for man and environment
  • Therein the EU repeats their concerns of 1999, using DINP/DIDP in baby toys and childcare articles due to possible health effects
  • The EU statement again confirms the taken legal actions on DINP/DIDP (Directive 2005/84/EC: ban of phthalates in toys)
  • The Directive shall be adopted by the member states and the laws and measurements necessary to comply with the Directive shall be published until 16 July 2006
  • The measurements should be applied from 16 January 2007 onwards
  • This ban is considered as sufficient to protect man and environment, further risk reduction measures beyond the already taken actions are not necessary at the moment
  • The ban will be reviewed after 3-4 years in light of further scientific information

Therefore, the situation on the use of phthalates in sensitive applications is unchanged. The authorities confirmed again their standpoint, that only new scientific data, which could lead to an unanimous scientific view on the risk of DINP/DIDP could change their precautionary risk strategy in the future.

CITROFOL® BII is an approved and safe plasticiser in all toy applications. Evaluations of the CSTEE of a new toxicological study according modern OECD-guidelines and other new data lead them to the conclusion, that there are no safety concerns for children mouthing toys containing CITROFOL® BII.

Additionally, manufacturers worldwide are fully satisfied with the technical properties that CITROFOL® BII exhibits during processing and the quality of the end products.