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Basel, 09 February 2023

New recipe for vegan “milk” chocolate with ERYLITE® Stevia

In line with the global mega-trend for plant-based alternatives in the food and beverage industry, there is an increasing interest in vegan chocolate, largely thanks to awareness about sustainability and nutritional value.

After the equipment for chocolate production was established in our AppliTech facility for the project ‘Dark chocolate with ERYLITE® and fibre’ (from our campaign sweets & desserts 2022), we decided to have a closer look at milk chocolate and possible vegan alternatives.
In a basic project, we analysed different types of dairy alternatives (coconut, almond, soy and oat powder) in a basic chocolate formulation regarding their processing, rheological, sensorial and nutritional properties as well as their ecological impact. Overall, soy and oat showed the best results as an alternative to dairy milk powder in chocolate.

Get our dairy-free milk chocolate recipe and learn more.

Download the recipe card: