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New recipe for chocolate mousse with aquafaba

In order to replace cream and egg, we evaluated a new foaming system. Aquafaba is the cooking liquid of chickpeas and often goes unused. During cooking, parts of the chickpeas dissolve into the water, especially proteins and starches. They are the reason why aquafaba has similar foaming properties to egg white and is a popular ingredient in plant-based cuisine. Depending on different factors, the foam is not as stable and a liquid phase will appear on the bottom. Xanthan gum is able to stabilise the foam and reduce liquid drainage. The addition of molten chocolate, sugar, and fat to the foam further stabilises the mousse and gives it its distinct texture. When cooled down, the fats from chocolate and used coconut fat crystallises and leads to a creamy, chocolaty dessert. Xanthan gum further increases the perceived creaminess and richness of the chocolate mousse.

Download the recipe card below and learn more about our aquafaba chocolate mousse:

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