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Basel, 23 May 2006

New Product: Erythritol

Basel, May 23, 2006 - During the FIE 2005 in Paris Jungbunzlauer announced the extension of its product portfolio with the low calorie sweetener Erythritol. Its unique features qualify for the use as sugar replacement throughout the entire food and beverage industry. As a naturally occurring polyol Erythritol perfectly subscribes our corporate mission 'From nature to ingredients'.

Jungbunzlauer has just published the application information Erythritol in Beverages, describing the benefit of the low calorie sweetener in sugar free, low calorie and functional beverages. These very innovative beverage segments are constantly seeking for ingredients with an added value. Erythritol is such an ingredient: A good sweetening power, a great taste profile and non cariogenicity at a minimum of calories:

Erythritol In ... Calories Out!

The European approval of the sweetener Erythritol is awaited impatiently by the food industry. The decision on approval has been taken on the 26th of October 2005 already, however, it is the publication of the decision in the official EU journal that makes the approval valid. The approval contains the adoption of 6th amendment of the Miscellaneous Directive (95/2/EC) and the amendment of the Sweeteners Directive (94/35/EC). In the meantime the government experts of food additives released a proposition for the purity criteria of the Erythritol (future E968) which is similar to the JECFA (Joint WHO / FAO Expert Committee on Food Additives) Erythritol specification.