Press Release

Ladenburg, 12 May 2014

Natural and organic detergents with Jungbunzlauer ingredients

The bio-based and ECOCERT approved Jungbunzlauer products offer natural solutions for more eco-friendly cleaners.

The growing awareness amongst consumers, that our environment and climate are endangered by pollution and the unbalanced use of resources is driving an increasing demand for products based on green and sustainable ingredients and processes. A product category that has recently gained special attention is detergents.

In May 2012 Ecocert Greenlife published a standard* for “natural detergents and natural detergents made with organic”. The standard defines a quality level higher than that defined by European regulation of detergents and focusses on the use of ingredients from natural origin and processes that are respectful of the environment. It allows the manufacturers of detergents that meet this standard to specifically identify and present their products to the conscious consumers.

The standard includes specific requirements for substances permitted for use in the production of natural detergents and natural detergents made with organic. These requirements involve the origin and source of the raw materials, the manufacturing process used and the types of production aids, solvents and additives (preservatives) involved in the manufacturing process.

Jungbunzlauer has presented Ecocert its portfolio of products suitable for the manufacturing of detergents and has received approval for their use in both “natural detergents” and “natural detergents made with organic”.

Jungbunzlauer’s products are based on renewable carbohydrate sources, which are transformed via fermentation and clean, authorised processes into ingredients for various applications. The portfolio comprises citric acid, xanthan gum, gluconic acid and its salts, lactic acid and its salts, citrate esters and mineral salts that are manufactured in our four productions sites in Austria, Germany, France and Canada. These products offer a variety of outstanding functionalities in detergents and cleaners. They can be used as thickeners, chelating agents, descalers and buffering agents.

The ECOCERT approval of Jungbunzlauer products is an important contribution for all our customers seeking ingredients for the formulation of natural detergents.

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*ECOCERT Standard: "Natural detergents and natural detergents made with organic."