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Basel, 01 March 2003

LIQUINAT® from Port Colborne/Canada for the American market

Basel, March 1st, 2003 – Since the beginning of this year Jungbunzlauer delivers citric acid solution (LIQUINAT®) from the plant in Port Colborne/Canada to the American market.

Jungbunzlauer LIQUINAT® is has the following advantages:

  • LIQUINAT® is a clear, colourless and odourless solution with a pure, fruit-sour flavour.
  • LIQUINAT® is a stable, non-volatile product and completely miscible in water.
  • LIQUINAT® is time saving where liquid citric acid is needed because it avoids the handling and dissolving steps.
  • LIQUINAT® has a low viscosity which is nearly equivalent to water. This makes handling and pumping easy with normal duty equipment and thus saving energy andm anpower.
  • LIQUINAT® can be precisely metered by automatic equipment.
  • LIQUINAT® facilitates the production of liquid products in closed automatic systems.
  • LIQUINAT® use avoids disposal problems of empty packaging materials and pallets.

For further information please contact out Technical Service Manager for Citric Acid:

Ferid Haji