Press Release

Basel, 19 October 2011

Jungbunzlauer`s Xanthan Gum in Dysphagia Products

Dysphagia is defined as difficulty in swallowing and can result in aspiration of thin liquids. It can affect the quality of life by triggering malnutrition or creating conditions that could lead to pneumonia. Patients suffering from dysphagia are commonly elderly people who have swallowing problems due to various pathologies. This can include Parkinson’s disease, muscle control after cancer radiation or following a stroke. Dsyphagia affects an estimated 15 million in the US alone, according to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA).

Dysphagia products are frequently used to overcome swallowing problems. These products contain thickening agents, which increase the viscosity of the liquid and therefore make swallowing much easier and safer. Initial Dysphagia products were launched in the 80s and contained starches as a thickening agent. However, the usage of starches has many disadvantages such as a strong starch flavor, turbidity in solution and unstable viscosity over time. Accordingly, starches are increasingly replaced by hydrocolloids. Xanthan gum has a successful history of thickening products for food and pharmaceutical use. The benefits are a neutral taste profile, appealing solution clarity, and a comfortable swallowing sensation due to its outstanding shear thinning rheology.

Jungbunzlauer has developed formulations for superior instant dysphagia products. In-depth investigations of several xanthan gum types, maltodextrins, and food additives were performed to allow a safe and convenient application. All ingredients are fine tuned and a sophisticated agglomeration process is used to bind them into clusters for easy mixing. As a result, Jungbunzlauer's dysphagia products are efficient and mix easily into your favorite beverage or water with a spoon ... simple and neat.