Press Release

Boston, 08 January 2015

Jungbunzlauer showcases key solutions for sodium reduction and food safety at IPPE 2015

Jungbunzlauer will be exhibiting again at the International Production & Processing Expo for the meat and poultry industry (IPPE). Our product portfolio for the meat industry include healthy and safe solutions.

At this year‘s show we will be showcasing a low sodium chicken nugget with two dipping sauces. The U.S. is the biggest processed meat market but in recent decades consumer behavior has changed due to health concerns. Sodium reduction is a trend in nutritional health and well-being which has had an effect to the whole food industry globally. The use of salt has a long tradition in the preparation of meat products. Besides providing taste its main function is preservation because meat is very sensitive to microbial spoilage. Jungbunzlauer potassium lactate and blends with acetates and diacetates represent effective solutions for sodium reduction in processed meat products. More than 25% sodium reduction can be achieved by simply replacing usual sodium with potassium based lactates or lactate blends. In combination with Jungbunzlauer sub4salt®, our 1:1 salt replacer product line, also available in a version for meat curing, a sodium reduction of even more than 50% is possible with no compromise in taste!

Discover Jungbunzlauer’s solutions for food safety and shelf life extension! The meat and poultry industry has repeatedly been exposed to significant food safety events which have led to governmental regulations. Lactates and lactate / diacetate blends are derivatives of lactic acid and constitute a perfect alternative to synthetic preservatives as they provide excellent antimicrobial function. Our products meet both the manufacturer’s requirement for guaranteed food safety as well as the consumer’s preference for natural ingredients.

Visit us at Booth #8019 Hall B, at the upcoming IPPE show, 26-28 January, 2015 in Atlanta, GA and taste our delicious sodium reduced chicken nuggets! Healthy and safe meat solutions never tasted so good!