Product News

Boston, 30 September 2008

Jungbunzlauer partners with Viachem to capitalize on new markets for CITROFOL® and other Specialty Chemicals

Jungbunzlauer Inc has signed an agreement with Viachem Ltd for sales and distribution for their range of Specialties and Gluconates in USA.

Based in Dallas, Viachem is focusing on the distribution of specialty chemicals. A technically trained staff and a dedicated system of market intelligence supports the sales of functional products. Viachem will represent Jungbunzlauer’s range of specialty chemicals including Citric Acid Esters CITROFOL®, Sodium Diacetate, sub4salt ®and Sodium Gluconate, as well as new products that will be introduced.

Viachem will work with customers in both the food and personal care markets, two niche areas where the company's sales representatives have significant expertise.