Press Release

Basel, 30 June 2007

Jungbunzlauer offers Sustainability

Our environment and climate is endangered by pollution and unbalanced use of resources. Product safety, reliability and continuity of supply are gaining increasing importance. The world is developing and growing a social conscience. This is why companies start to look for suppliers which can offer them sustainability.

Jungbunzlauer is offering environmental, economic and social sustainability. Driven by our mission "From nature to ingredients® we strive to serve our customers and markets under the concept of "Better, Faster, Closer".

Environmental Sustainability


Our processes and raw materials
Our products are made by the natural process of fermentation based on renewable carbohydrate raw materials. They are readily biodegradable and ecologically safe. Our by-products are valorized in construction, agriculture and biogas. Our customers are close to our plants, from where we ship our products in full truck thus minimizing emissions generated by transportation.
Our major raw materials are sourced either on site (over-the fence) or from production sites near-by. Our new raw material plant currently under construction adjacent to our production facility in Austria, will further decrease environmental impact due to minimizing transport.

Respect for our environment
Jungbunzlauer's production plants adhere to the Responsible Care program which is a commitment to respecting our environment. Over the past 5 years we have invested in numerous energy and water saving programs which have resulted in a material reduction of energy consumption per product unit produced and have led to improved processes to maximize the re-use of water.
All our factories are located in countries that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change and have thus agreed to reduce their emissions to target levels below their 1990 emission level. Jungbunzlauer can present impressive results as to CO2 emission reduction. Over the past 5 years the CO2 emissions of Jungbunzlauer factories have been reduced by an average of 25% per mt of output, thus our plants remained below their attributed carbon dioxide emission allocations.

Economic Sustainability


Product Safety
Jungbunzlauer offers safe products in line with our implemented product safety and HACCP procedures which are systematically audited in regular intervals by our customers and legal authorities. Fraudulent contamination or substitution of our products is impossible and accidental contamination is excluded by our strict quality procedures and control systems. Packaging, labelling and documentation comply with the stringent European and North American legal requirements. An efficient traceability system based on production lot numbers is in place.

Jungbunzlauer subscribes to the zero default principle. Our complaint handling system traces defaults in both production and logistics and we put a very strong emphasis on the implementation of preventive and corrective actions. The geographical proximity to our largest markets ensures short lead times and just in time delivery, this in times when overseas shipments are increasingly difficult to plan due to shortages of containers and ship space. Also, Jungbunzlauer is known for always keeping contractual obligations and commitments.

Security of Supply
Jungbunzlauer is a dedicated industry leader. We ensure the short-term security of supply by an excellent ERP system, perfectly maintained production equipment and a dedicated team in production, quality control, product management, sales and order processing. For our largest product group we run factories in both Europe and North America. Additionally, we carry inventories in either own or distributor warehouses throughout the world. In the medium and long term, security of supply is ensured by our continuous strive for improving our processes, increasing our efficiency and decreasing our costs. Since we are very dependent on our carbohydrate raw material, we are adding further security by the construction of the new raw material plant in Pernhofen Austria.

Sustainable Price
Different examples in the near past have shown that prices strongly move upwards as soon as the supply gets close to monopolistic which happens when companies have to close due to economic difficulties. Therefore, a sustainable fair price from the supply side in the medium and long term can only be guaranteed if the formation of monopolism is avoided. This can only happen if on one hand customers accept to support producers with fair prices at all times, and on the other hand producers do their utmost to remain cost competitive. Jungbunzlauer is taking its commitment to offer a long term sustainable price very seriously by working extremely hard to keep costs at the lowest possible level.

Social Sustainability


For the Jungbunzlauer production sites in Europe and Canada the compliance with social rules is self-speaking. Our personnel is employed according to Western employment standards, respecting all legal requirements. Jungbunzlauer strictly rejects child labor and slavery, discrimination due to gender, religion or race as well as corruption and bribery. With the commitment to our existing manufacturing locations in Europe and North America we not only maintain and develop employment, but also support the local economies.

Sustainable Companies prefer Sustainable Suppliers


The public is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and pressure on the commitment to social standards is getting stronger. Therefore there is a need to incorporate environmental and social responsibility into business missions and strategies. Also, there is a need to have a maximum of economic safety with a minimum of risk for production interruptions, product failures and loss of consumer confidence. A reasonable cost development as well as supply stability and reliability are gaining increased importance. This all calls for suppliers which are able to offer environmental, economic and social sustainability.
If you are looking for such a company, then Jungbunzlauer is your right partner.