Product News

Basel, 06 February 2017

Jungbunzlauer offers new solution to the dairy and meat alternatives industry

As a result of product and applications developments, Jungbunzlauer introduces innovative solutions to the industry of dairy and meat alternatives.

These two industries have seen a tremendous development of sales and product development over the last years. Nowadays consumer are looking for plant based products e.g. almond drink or vegetarian or even vegan cold cuts and sausages not only because of ethical and health reasons but more and more just to have more variety in their diet. Jungbunzlauer responses to this development with innovative offerings dedicated to these industries helping customers to achieve safe and tasty products.

Cow milk is well known for its contribution to the daily calcium and other minerals uptake whereas dairy alternatives (e.g. almond, walnut or pea drinks) naturally are not that rich or even very low in minerals. Jungbunzlauer minerals can be easily used for mineral fortification to achieve or even to overachieve the mineral profile of cow milk and thereby make end products healthier. Additionally Jungbunzlauer minerals can help to improve the taste profile as plant based products are known for providing off-tastes like bitterness or astringency due to e.g. the high contents of phytochemicals. Using Jungbunzlauer minerals at a very low dosage level can make the product taste more balanced, creamier and sweeter. The same minerals can also be helpful during processing of plant based protein drinks to prevent fouling, the formation of deposit of proteins and minerals during thermal treatment. This enables customers to reduce costs as shutdowns and cleaning can be minimized.

Meat alternatives like vegan/vegetarian sausages, cold cuts are rather immature, so that there is hardly any information concerning food safety and shelf life. Jungbunzlauer has conducted a microbiological study with its lactates blends in a vegetarian meat ball matrix and could gain knowledge how to reduce food safety risks and prolong shelf life. Furthermore Jungbunzlauer offers a broad range of products which perfectly fits to meat alternatives. Xanthan Gum can improve the texture and match therefore the meat experience. sub4salt®, lactates blends and ERYLITE® can not only improve the taste but make the end product even healthier by lowering sodium and sugar content.